Top 7 Social Media Analytics Dashboards From Social Networks

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As your business relies more on social media analytics, what are you doing to oversee it? How do you manage insights from each social network without wasting time or resources? That’s why so many brands rely on a social media dashboard to view and analyze their social media performance.

And more likely than not, your organization already uses some sort of social media dashboard. However, does your dashboard do everything possible for your brand’s specific social needs? It doesn’t matter if you’re an agency working with multiple brands or an enterprise handling dozens of accounts, you need a dashboard to work for you. That’s why it’s so crucial to have something that covers all the bases–an all-in-one solution.But before you choose, think about everything you want out of a dashboard. While certain social media dashboards have similar functions, they are not all equal. Here are seven things your social media dashboard should do for your brand: For Digital Marketing Services Check Vivid Digital 

Facebook Insights

Available for all Page admins, Facebook Insights shows you the full stats behind your posts, your fans, and your reach. Additionally, from the Insights tab, you can set up a list of Pages to Watch, which gives you information on the performance of other Facebook pages.

To access Insights, click the Insights tab in the menu bar across the top of your Facebook page (the menu bar is visible only to admins of the page).

Quick tip: You can click on the “people reached” text at the bottom of any individual post in your Page’s timeline to see a pop-up of the full stats for that post.

Twitter analytics

Twitter provides a 28-day overview of how your tweets have performed in all the major engagement areas—retweets, mentions, favorites, and clicks. One of the most useful bits of analysis here is seeing the impressions of each tweet. You can export all the data and run some pretty neat reports for yourself.

Clicking on any individual tweet in your list will show a complete breakdown of every element of engagement on the tweet, including clicks on URLs, clicks on your username, clicks on images, expanded details, and a bar chart for engagement over the first 24 hours and the past 24 hours.

To access Twitter analytics, log in to Twitter and go to

LinkedIn analytics for individuals

LinkedIn provides analytics for your long-form LinkedIn articles (i.e. LinkedIn Pulse articles). It shows you for each article, the total number of views and engagement, the demographics of your readers, and the people who have engaged with your article.

It seems like the full analytics isn’t available at all locations yet. For those who don’t have the full analytics and are curious (like me!), here are some screenshots and descriptions of the analytics.

To access your LinkedIn Pulse analytics, go to your LinkedIn homepage and click on the view counts on the left column and then, the “X views on this post” link.

Quick tip: You can also see the number of people who viewed your profile in the last week in the right column of your LinkedIn feed.

Google+ Influence

Google+ seemed to have removed its analytics and insights dashboard but you can still access some basic stats. Google+ calls it “Your Influence”, where it shows you basic stats of your posts and your reach.

To access Google+ Influence, log in at Google+ and go to your business page profile. Click on the three vertically-arranged dots by your cover photo and “Your Influence”.

Pinterest analytics

One of the best sources for Pinterest analytics resides on Pinterest itself. From the Pinterest analytics dashboard, you can see insights into every relevant aspect of your Pinterest marketing.

The dashboard shows growth in impressions and followers, audience stats, and website engagement. You can click into more in-depth reports for each of these and see which posts and boards have performed the best.

To access Pinterest analytics, log in to Pinterest and go to Pinterest analytics is available to business accounts; you can convert a personal account to a business account for free.

Instagram Insights

If you have an Instagram Business Profile, you will have access to Instagram Insights — Instagram’s native in-app analytics. It offers a comprehensive range of data about your profile, posts, stories, and ads. It also has detailed information about your followers such as their most active times and days.

To access Instagram Insights, you’ll have to do is to convert your personal Instagram profile into a Business Profile and navigate to your profile page in the mobile app. Click on the graph icon in the upper-right corner.

Here’s a complete guide on Instagram analytics, covering the ins-and-outs of Instagram Insights.

LinkedIn analytics for businesses

Much like Facebook’s Insights tab, LinkedIn’s analytics include data of all the posts on your company page as well as a breakdown of your followers and follower growth.

To access LinkedIn analytics, log in at LinkedIn and go to your business page. Click on Analytics next to the Home link at the top of the page.

Quick tip: For the new Company Page design, you’ll be able to see the stats of your post below each of them, such as impressions, engagement rate, clicks, and social actions.

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