Volkswagen Polo GT Engine & First Drive

Volkswagen Polo GT Overview

Very nearly a perfect hatchback, the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI gained a lot of appreciation from enthusiasts across the country. This clever little city runabout came with a very advanced 1.2 litre TSI (Turbo Stratified Injection) engine which was paired to a quick responding 7-speed DSG transmission. Customers loved the ease with which it put a satisfying evil grin on their face and yet remained fuel efficient when it was not decimating other cars. Following the lines of progression, Volkswagen India has given a slight update to this happy-go-lucky hatch. Needless to say this revived our happy time with the previous one. For information on contact details of Volkswagen car dealers in Ahmedabad

Volkswagen Polo GT Look

Even in the redesigned Polo GT TSI, little has changed. The front is exactly the same as the Polo facelift and the rear gets the same treatment. But it’s not that Volkswagen hasn’t tried telling people that this is the go-fast version of the regular Polo. So, there is GT badging on the front grille, on the C-pillar, on the rear door, and as a doorstep garnish. The ‘Estrada’ alloy wheels further differentiate the car from the regular Polo.

However, the biggest difference is that the Polo GT TSI gets a rear spoiler which enhances the appeal of the car especially when looked at from the rear three-quarters. The ground clearance of 168 mm ensures the GT TSI is fit for most Indian roads. Overall, the car retains its classic, sober design and the subtle changes add to the sportiness of the new car. The paint quality and attention to detail is among the best you will find in a hatchback in India.

Volkswagen Polo GT Comfort

The Polo GT TSI drives like a dream hatchback and it’s practical too. You get enough space inside the car to fit four people comfortably; three on the backseat can be a little cramped. The boot has enough space for two big bags or a sub-woofer, whichever you prefer.The driver gets seat height adjustment and the instrument panel shows a lot of relevant data like distance to empty as well as some irrelevant stuff like, in this case, the fuel efficiency. There is also tilt and telescopic steering wheel for the driver to adjust his reach.

You also get four speakers with a music system that can read music off a USB device, SD card and AUX. There is also bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone and a lot of buttons on the steering wheel that you can explore when stuck in traffic – the car even makes sure you don’t get bored while sitting idle.The Polo GT TSI comes with automatic climate control and the overall fit and finish of the cabin is exactly what you expect of a German car. The chrome inside the cabin has been subtly used and is tasteful.

Volkswagen Polo GT Performance

Looks can be deceptive, especially with the GT TSI. It’s powerful 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine is a little monster that can move mountains. The 103 BHP power never lets you down and the car gives you 175 Nm of torque from as low as 1200 rpm and consistently pushes you back in the seat till the rev meter hits 4000 rpm.It’s like a turbo diesel engine torque, and it catapults the car from 0-100 km/h in less than 10 seconds. This is probably the only hatchback in the country right now that can achieve this kind of time.

The engine is mated with a 7-speed dual shift gearbox (DSG), which is the best transmission you can get on a hatchback in India right now.The gear shifts are so fast that you have to look at the instrument panel to know what gear the car is in. There are two options on the car, the normal ‘Drive’ mode that gives you fuel efficiency and a ‘Sports’ mode that gives you performance. You’d probably want to drive this car only in ‘Sports’ mode when the engine revs are high and all those gear shifts happen near the red line of the RPM meter giving you acceleration all the time.The GT TSI has a claimed fuel-efficiency of 17.2 km/l but we got just 11 km/l irrespective of the driving mode.

Volkswagen Polo GT Rideing

Anyone who’ll spend some extra bucks for buying this hot-hatch would obviously expect fun times behind the wheel and the GT doesn’t really disappoint on that part. The road grip and stability is rock solid, like a true German. In fact, even past the 150 kph-mark, the car feels relaxed and marches comfortably like a warrior, better than many of today’s entry-level sedans.Polo has always been a great handler and GT is no different. Target a series of quick bends and it would be more eager than you to run down the curves. The steering wheel is decently communicative and every move of the wheel is met with positive response.The suspension setup has been carried forward from the regular Polo that hovers somewhere between being overtly soft or stiff. A reworked stiffer suspension would have been an icing on the cake, but I don’t have complaints with this either, as it soaks up the bumps beautifully well, and keeping the conditions of our roads in minds, this is a boon.

Volkswagen Polo GT Safety

Last year when it was reported that some of the most popular compact cars sold in India failed crash tests done by Global NCAP, almost immediately Volkswagen announced dual front airbags as standard fitment on all variants of the Polo. That says something about the company’s commitment to safety. The GT TSI gets ample safety features such as dual front airbags as standard, anti-lock braking system, rear-parking sensors, electronic stabilisation programme and hill-hold function. However, we believe that in addition to rear-parking sensors there should have been a rear-parking camera too.

Volkswagen Polo GT price in Hyderabad

Volkswagen Polo Gt Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 9,17,676/- (Polo GT TSI) to 9,32,278/- (Polo GT TDI). Get best offers for Volkswagen Polo Gt from Volkswagen Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for Polo GT price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Volkswagen Polo GT Bottomline

The price tag of Rs 8.08 lakh is slightly on the higher side, considering the fact that the only major change is the bigger engine. But then it is actually not Volkswagen’s fault – the 1.6-litre engine means it does not qualify as a small car as per the Indian tax regime and you have plenty of options that are bigger and yet fit the bill at the price point. The top-end Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Honda Amaze with extra boot space are available for a lower price tag, but neither would match the GT TDI in performance and handling. And that is the reason why it has been launched as a sort of a limited edition model. This is not for those looking for the biggest car their money can buy, but for those looking at a quick, convenient hatchback with benefits of a diesel

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