Datsun GO+ Hatchback First Drive Review


Datsun GO+ Overview

Dastun Go+ MPV is the first ever compact MPV from Datsun in India. This car comes in a total of four trim levels with a petrol engine under the hood. GO+ is a stretched version of the GO hatchback that aims to provide more style, more seats, better power and more practicality. The multipurpose vehicle (MPV) segment is one of the most looked after segment in India. Most of the vehicles in this segment come with 7-8 seater options, which sadly, Go+ doesn’t provide. Go+ MPV is essentially a 5+2 seater vehicle, with the rear 2 seats essentially being child seats.

Datsun GO+ Exterior & Look

In terms of looks, the Go+ leaves a nicer impression compared to its hatchback version with a better and balanced profile. Datsun has made sure the Go+ looks different and they have achieved the same by giving it a fresh approach rather than just slapping a boot on the compact tail door.The face has been retained with the pronounced radiator grille which forms the starting point of multiple lines flowing across the body. Large three dimensional headlights along with a well sculpted bonnet give a larger feel. The lines around the grille are treated in chrome in order to make it feel rich.

Even the top end trim gets manually adjustable rear view mirrors. They aren’t body coloured hinting at various cost effective measures undertaken. Like the hatch, this one too gets 155/70 R13 tyres. The main change is however in the new silhouette which gets an extension to accommodate the last row of seat. Must say, it is impressive to see how smartly the additional length has been married to the existing shape. The interim pillars have been blackened. The rear quarter panel gets a nice elongated shape with an only flaw of absence of an opening for air circulation for the third row occupants. The sloping design makes it difficult to have one.

The rear is comparatively neat with extended shoulder lines give it a wider upper track. The rear glass area is small giving just about sufficient visibility to the driver while reversing the car. There is no variant badging on the tail door but just the model name, nice and simple.

Datsun GO+ Interior & Space

The effort of the automaker is really appreciable as it has now seriously paid heed to feedbacks it has been getting all these years. Why? Because the previous model was really a barebones and also lacks quality fit and finish of an MPV. But this has been drastically changed this time around with even the minor things has given due importance. For instance, the twist and pull handbrake in the earlier model has been replaced by traditional setup. Then there is updated three-pod instrument cluster which now integrates a bigger analogue tachometer. It also shows usual info on vehicle journey including tripmeter, digital clock, instant fuel economy, average speed and engine running time. For more info on Datsun GO+ visit Tweetcast

Coming to the quality, though the plastics across the vehicle has been bettered yet it is not great either. But looking at the price range the car falls in, we can’t nit-pick. The dual tone black and beige cabin does evoke a sense of richness and is a good move towards enhancing the ergonomics inside. The star of the cabin has to be definitely the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment unit that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The unit also gives access to Google Map navigation, Bluetooth, Aux-In, USB, voice recognition and all the necessary stuff that comes with Android and Apple OS for automobiles such as SMS/Email/WhatsApp. What may be disappointing for many is the less than average audio quality as the infotainment is offered by Blaupunkt.

But on the other hand, the comfort factor is that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is still not available even in cars in the same family such as Terrano and high end Captur. So for the first time buyers, this feature can prove to be a unique selling point. The touch response of the infotainment is slick and although there isn’t any rear camera in the car, one can get it added at a dealership and it will work perfectly. The AC vents have been given horizontal shape while the rotary controls for air conditioner have been integrated in the same console featuring the touchscreen infotainment. Another important change is the addition of power windows at the rear as well as electrical adjustment of the outside rear view mirror. And of course, the carmaker has added a rear wash wipe, an important feature often ignored by many manufacturers.

But there are some things which you have to still compromise in the car. The driver seat can’t be height adjusted and you don’t even get a day/night mirror. Now moving to the most important factor and i.e. comfort and space, here the carmaker misses on headrest adjustability. If you are sitting at the front, you won’t be facing any trouble; however, the lack of headrests could create problems for the rear occupants. And if it comes to taller occupants, the same headrests will come at par with the shoulder level, which would be useless in terms of practicality. The second row can absorb two adult passengers with ease, however if you add the third passenger in the row, the lack of legroom will make him uncomfortable.

The GO Plus give you additional row at the back but don’t mistaken the third row for adult passengers. The space out there is strictly limited to kids and they would find it comfortable there. The boot space stands at 265L but folding the third row will extend it to 347L but unfortunately the third row won’t fall flat which limits its usability. However, it is still bigger and adapting as compared to normal hatchbacks. Another area where the carmaker could have improved is the storage spaces. This means a large bag with a couple of small bags can be placed there. While there is a lot for the front passengers as they get shelf above the deep glovebox and stowage at door pads and cubbies at the central floor console, the rear passengers gets only single bottle holder at the center. Bottle holders at the door pads could have been a nice addition. Overall, the carmaker has worked hard to improve the inner quality. To know more information on car loans visit Fincarz.

Datsun GO+ Engine & Performance

The Go+ comes with the same three cylinder engine with a displacement of 1198cc which makes 68PS of power and 104Nm of torque and also comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. It is the same engine as seen on the Micra Active except for this one is differently tuned to make it peak at a lower engine speed.Normally, when a hatchback is given an extra boot its ride and dynamics changes completely and with the Go+, there are host of additions which include an extended roof and more space in the rear row but surprisingly the confidence in ride quality has shifted upwards and proved to be better than the Go.

The three-cylinder unit feels adequately powered. Even under strained conditions, it does not knock or cough unlike other asymmetric engines. We even managed to drive it at 15km/h on 3rd gear on a hilly terrain. It was impressive to see the engine haul the vehicle swiftly. The gear pattern has been divided into two parts for the Go+ according to the general trend in shifting. First two gears offer greater torque which makes them best suited for city conditions while the rest three increase the momentum and continue it focussing on highways.

This one also drives better than its smaller sibling as the suspensions have been tweaked to take on that extra bulk. Sourcing it from their premium luxury brand – Infiniti, the Go+ gets a high response linear damper system, which is quick and highly effective in absorbing uneven undulations with a faster response timing than others in the same segment.

The engine of the Datsun GO MPV is pretty refined. This has to be refined and efficient as people in India are pretty mileage cautious. Given the requirement here, Datsun claims that the car can deliver 19.83kmpl, certified by ARAI. However, real world mileage will be around 15kmpl and if driven sedately it could return 17-18kmpl. For more information on Datsun GO+ check AutoZhop.

Datsun GO+ Ride & Handling

The suspension system in the MPV has been slightly improved following the feedbacks of the consumers. Now it has been tuned a bit to make it more comfortable for Indian road conditions. The upgraded suspension setup which Datsun calls it ‘Ride Control Advanced Suspension’ deals with extra load at the rear quite well. It also helps the car gulps bumps and ruts reasonably well. It does roll a bit while cornering hard which is due to high ground clearance of 180mm, soft springs and lack of anti-roll bars.

The steering wheel is light and even though you will feel it responsive, the feedback coming from it will be slightly insufficient. Driving at highway speeds can be disappointing as the car can lose its breath. The sound insulation has been improved and a step ahead of the previous model.

Datsun GO+ Safety & Security

The braking system comprising of front disc and rear drum is average and the pedal lacks sharp bite as opposed to the other MPVs. But inclusion of ABS instils confidence in the driver. The Japanese automaker has really upped the ante this time by drastically updating the safety department. The new Datsun GO Plus now comes loaded with standard safety kit which includes dual airbags, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist, rear parking sensors and follow me headlamps. This has really changed the game altogether for the car.

Datsun GO+ Cost in Hyderabad

Datsun Go Plus On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 4,60,279 to 6,75,446 for variants Go Plus D and Go Plus T Optional respectively. Datsun Go Plus is available in 5 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Datsun Go Plus variants price in Hyderabad. Check for Datsun GO+ price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

Datsun GO+ Summing Up

The all new Go+ by Dastun is a decent attempt to target the MPV market. It’s a perfect budget family MPV, which can be used as seven-seater if needed. The engine performance and fuel efficiency is very good. Though the interior space could have been better and safety features could be improved.

Datsun GO Plus MPV is available in five different variant they are D, A, A (O), T and T (O). Taking a quick glance on the pricing details, 2018 Datsun GO Plus despite of major update is available in the competitive price range. Its base model GO Plus D is tagged at Rs. 3.83 lakh, GO Plus A is available at the price tag of Rs. 4.53 lakh. The mid-range trim GO Plus A option is offered at Rs. 5.05 lakh. Datsun GO Plus T model is available at the price range of Rs. 5.3 lakh while its top of the line trim Datsun GO Plus T Option is priced at Rs. 5.69 lakh. Though the car does not have any immediate rivals, it has the needed ingredients to create problems for Maruti Ertiga and Mahindra Marazzo.

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