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Honda Brio Overview

The 2019 Honda Brio was scheduled to come next year. The Honda Small RS concept was unveiled at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018. The next generation Honda Brio was thought to be based on this car. Now during the conversation with Honda on the sidelines of the CRV launch this month, we have learned that the Brio will not be coming to India. Honda will bring the Civic and then focus on the HRV and new City. The Brio will not come along with the Amaze in India. There will be another small hatchback that will come later.

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The 2019 Brio was expected to be launched by late 2019. Honda in India is recognized for its dominance in the sedan segment. The Honda City has been the best selling sedan for a long time now. Recently, the company also became a forerunner in the compact SUV space, with the WR-V. However, when it comes to hatchbacks, the Japanese maker is yet to break ice. The company will not be launching the 2019 Honda Brio. The Brio has been off the market for a while now. Book a test drive for Brio in Hyderabad at Tryaldrive.

Honda had earlier announced of launching six new products in the next three years. There are upgrades planned too for the existing vehicles in the portfolio. The new Amaze has already been launched this year. The 2019 Honda Brio will not be a part of this plan. As of now the company is focusing on the new Amaze and CRV, which has some fierce competition to fight.

Honda Brio Exteriors

A quick glance at the ‘new’ Brio and you quickly realize the updates are minimal. Honda hasn’t gone to town updating every single panel and trim. What you get instead is a revised face courtesy the new bumper and the grille. The design shift isn’t too radical even then, considering we’ve seen the same combo on the updated Amaze a couple of months back. Unlike the sedan, the grille on the hatch is finished in gloss black. It looks especially nice in a bright shade such as the red you see in pictures. Sadly, that’s the only fun colour on offer. Other colours include two whites, a grey and a silver. For a hatch that is targeted at the young, we’re slightly surprised there isn’t a bright blue or a cool green on offer.

The side profile remains untouched. Details such as the sharp character line running across the length, wing-mirror mounted indicators and the 15-inch alloy wheels add some zing to the design. Honda could have used the facelift to give the Brio a new set of wheels, or maybe even go the whole hog and offer an RS variant, but that sadly isn’t on the agenda this time round.The rear features the Brio’s party piece, the all-glass hatch. There are two minor updates here as well, which most would miss if not pointed out. The top-spec variant gets a stubby spoiler with an integrated high-mount stop lamp, and the taillamps have slightly different detailing too.

Honda Brio Interiors

If there was one area where the Brio needed the most attention, it had to be the cabin and particularly so, the dashboard. The original Brio’s plain dash was unappealing and took much away from the surprisingly roomy space. So, we are happy to report Honda has drafted in the dashboard from the Amaze and the BR-V. The design of the dash is more coherent and contemporary while the silver highlights and faux carbonfibre garnishes add a bit of sportiness too. Optional all-black seats and the redesigned instrument cluster further do their bit to uplift the cabin ambience.

The facelift also brings with it a longer equipment list. New to the Brio are electric controls for the air-con system and also a new 2-DIN audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.Elsewhere, the Brio remains unchanged. The front seats, while skinny, are quite comfortable, with the driver seat being height-adjustable. The rear seat affords passengers decent legroom, but is let down by a short seat cushion and consequent lack of under-thigh support. Still, the rear seat is better and far more usable than what you get in most cars of this size. Unfortunately, a smallish boot limits the Brio’s practicality.

Honda Brio Engine

The same 1.2 litre, four cylinder, SOHC engine will power the 2019 Honda Brio. This engine produces 87bhp of power at 6000rpm and 109Nm to torque at 4500 rpm. The engine will be tweaked for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Honda may also think of introducing a hybrid or an electric model at a later stage. This engine will come mated to a five-speed manual transmission. There will also be an option of a CVT, like the existing model. The transmissions will be a carry over of the existing ones in the 2018 model. For more info on Honda Brio visit  

There could be a new 1.2-litre diesel engine. Though we are not sure about it yet. This one should be derived from the new 1.6-litre i-DTEC that will be locally made. This should be a three-cylinder engine that will churn about 80bhp of power. Now, it is a bit too early to come to any conclusion. We believe if there is a diesel engine on the new Brio, it will be this engine itself. Else, there might not be a diesel engine. Also, the 1.1-litre could be there as we were the first to state that back in 2016.

The 2018 Honda Brio will continue with the same engine, which will return about 12km/l in the city and about 17km/l on the highway. This hatchback’s CVT version will get an efficiency of 10km/l in the city and 16km/l on the highway. These will be in real driving conditions and would depend upon one’s driving habits.

Honda Brio Driving

The motor is potent enough to cruise at triple digit speeds all day long. And the ride is planted enough to carry the speeds as well. Within the confines of the city too, the softly sprung setup does a nice job of tackling potholes. There is a hint of roll when you corner overzealously, but the steering is as tack sharp as ever. The chunky little wheel is just what you need in choc-a-bloc traffic. It is just the right weight to flick around in the city and is confidence-inspiring on the highways too. The turning radius is just 4.5 metres (4.7 for the automatic), which tells you how city-focussed the Brio actually is. Corner hard in the little Honda and the steering feels precise and has ample feedback to not keep you guessing what the wheels are up to. That said, we would have liked slightly grippier tyres as these squeal and protest a bit too easily.

What we particularly like, is how easy it is to drive the Brio. The clutch is light and so is the steering. The driving position coupled with the compact proportions means you exactly know where the four corners of the car are. It’s a great first car in our books, but Honda’s statistics say otherwise. In fact 66 per cent of Brio buyers are rich families looking for a second car from a reputable brand.

Honda Brio Safety

The 2019 Honda Brio will get more features. There will be a touchscreen audio with navigation and reverse camera on the high end versions. It will have steering mounted controls and a more advanced driver information system. A push button will also be offered on the top version. A CVT will be offered on higher variants.Dual airbags and ABS will be standard, across all variants. There may be a six airbags version too.The company will be making them in India and exporting to Japan. Hence, this variant will be manufactured in India and exported to several markets including developed countries. We may see it be sold in India as well.

Honda Brio Price in Chennai

Honda Brio On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 5,35,993 to 7,69,439 for variants Brio E MT Petrol and Brio VX AT Petrol respectively. Honda Brio is available in 4 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Honda Brio variants price in Chennai. Check for Brio price in Chennai at Carzprice.

Honda Brio Verdict

The Honda Brio is a brilliant small car that excels in most departments while keeping up with the rest of the competition in others. It is a great value proposition, providing comfort, space, fuel economy and performance, all at a justified price, keeping in mind that it wears the big H badge. However, we felt that the interiors could have been better and the suspension more passenger friendly. But this is just looking for needles in a hay stack, for the Brio is otherwise a brilliant all-round package. Also, do not forget that when one buys a car, one builds a relationship with not only the car but also the manufacturer.

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